risky ideas,

safe for work


honesty + excellence matters;

Jolin Kwok cares about the craft,

Jolin Kwok cares about the consumer —

welcome to her portfolio of select works.

Notable Projects

Jolin had extra fun doing,

for the clients, audience, and herself :)

Swiss Watch Gallery Pilot Lead Generation Campaign

Touch 'n Go eWallet Covid-19 response video

First published screenplay

Radio ad for Touch 'n Go eWallet campaign 2020 (RFP)

Lendlease TRX Residences promo video

Sephora Merdeka 2019 campaign

Website wireframe for Heineken Asia Pacific

Wonderfly Brand Style Guide 2020

Website Branding for Summorie

Trolling the CLEO Cool Wheels 2016 😈

Zeno MY Holiday notices

#First-ever Copy✨

Three Trivia & One Lie

#shitJolindoes and gets away with,

in the name of #awesome O:-)

Trivia #1

In 2014, Jolin was asked to proofread a series of PowerPoint presentation slides.

The presenter (a former writer under her wing) was flipping through each slide on the projector screen with cursory glances when, suddenly, Jolin asked for him to pause the slides —

“There is a spacing error.”




Jolin stood up, walked 10 feet closer to the projector screen, and pointed at that offensive spacing error between a last word and a full-stop.

Flabbergasted, her writer said:

Wow, Jolin — she will spot your spacing errors before you even make one.”

Let’s slay this awesome test of sight and speed! 🧐

It is.

Trivia #2

Underneath her writerly hat as a pragmatic scribe, Jolin intuitively functions more like a vagrant artist with die-hard bohemian ideals. She has proven over time her uncanny, detailed sense of artistic appreciation for general aesthetics (including humanoid/avatar design) which complements her astute judgment in assessing creative requirements for any and all design works.

She has experimented with The Sims series since year 2000. Largely to design and storyboard.

She has been a Resident of Second Life since year 2008. Largely to play Barbie, too.

Trivia #3

Jolin can type fast.

Uncannily fast.

(And to think that she was also typing in long form with precision, plus how this was not her first time getting a Facebook spambot-strike! 🤯 #needforspeed)

Trivia #4

Jolin makes up stuff.

Well, sometimes she really wished she did.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Because, oftentimes, the truth is stranger than fiction.

So she might as well figure how to show what needs to be told in the most believable ways, to help move the world in the best possible ways.

Jolin Kwok is looking

for good company with business acumen to smartly work together and max out her unique expertise of storytelling from the heart.

Relevant Experiences

Zeno Group (Malaysia)

Aug 2019 – Jul 2020

Senior Copywriter


Dec 2016 – Present

Copyeditor + Copywriter

Commas PR

Aug 2018 – Sep 2018

Senior Account Executive

BluInc Media

Apr 2015 – Nov 2016

Sub-editor of

Cleo Malaysia

Dino Media (Asia)

Sept 2014 – May 2015

Website Editor (Founding)

Arion Concepts

Mar 2014 – May 2014

Editor (Transcript)

In2 Marketing & Consulting

Jun 2013 – Feb 2014



Nov 2011

Social Media Executive

Indiana University

Sep 2008 – Apr 2009

Blog Photographer for the Residential Programs and Services (RPS)

Jolin is a lovely girl and a people person with excellent social skills.” — Hugo Yu-Hsiu Lee, Ph.D., Professional Development, Columbia University, New York City, USA, Feb 2011

Jolin is a hard worker and a great sales woman. She is very personable and has a lot of experience in the field of sales representation.” — Elli Plunkett, Manager at Testmasters, Japan, Apr 2010

Jolin is both talented and dedicated as well as motivated.— Cynthia Malim, Digital Marketing Manager at Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort & Spa, Apr 2010

Jolin is a passionate creative writer. A brilliant storyteller. I am always in awe of Jolin’s ability to bring an idea/concept to life through great storytelling. She also has a strong eye for detail. She is a lovely lady with a big heart. She inspires me to write too. It is indeed my pleasure working with Jolin at Zeno Malaysia.” — Joyce Wai, Senior Account Executive, Apr 2020

Jolin exceeded all expectations when she did the copywriting for Summorie. Her work is professionally done and truly top-notch because she cares as deeply for the brand as me.” — Tang Pei Ying, Co-Founder of Summorie, Apr 2020

Select Clients

Creative Stew

Touch ’n Go eWallet

Heineken Asia Pacific

Lendlease TRX

An American poet, Sylvia Plath once said … “And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” Jolin had a burning passion to write for fiction. It was so bright that her fire was conveniently directed my way — just when I was looking for a screenwriter for a telefilm for Creative Stew Sdn Bhd. I was not looking for a seasoned writer, but someone hungry to break the stereotypical story arc of Malay storytelling. Many told me she was a risk. I told them, “Well, so was I. And yet, here I am standing before you leading this.” We [melded] our stories, desires, quirks, and created a Fantasy Time-loop telefilm, 'Kecundang Sebelum Menjanda' (a title decided by the broadcast station). For her first stab at screenwriting, she was sharp, detailed, and willing to adjust the story arc to the channel’s desires — without compromising our core message. I am proud that we created a telefilm that got every crew and talents invested, as well as audiences reacting and discussing about the underlining message on social media. I could not have created a better story with anyone else other than Jolin. She will always be a risk worth taking.” — Liyana-Haley Tajul Ariff, Senior Content Specialist of CreativeStew, May 2020

We at Creative Stew had a story to tell and Jolin came in to tell that story crafted in beautiful words and that’s how we created our telefilm “Kecundang Sebelum Menjanda”. Jolin was very receptive to new ideas and changes and worked very closely with our film producer. She was very professional and respectful of the creative process from the day the script was conceived, till the script was translated on tape on the shoot floor. Jolin was a joy to work with and we wish her the best in her future endeavors.” — Abid Hussain, Founder/CEO/Creative Head of CreativeStew, Apr 2020

Publications & Recognition

“The Closet Monster”, Write Out Loud (2006)

Jolin worked for me on a project we were doing for Arkib Negara Malaysia and the Alumni Association of Administrative and Diplomatic Officers. The task involved reviewing about 30 interview transcripts, annotating them and copyediting and preparing them to be archived by Arkib Negara Malaysia. Jolin was always meticulous in her work, delivery was always timely and her research skills were outstanding. Wishing her all the best for her future and recommend her highly. It was a pleasure to work with her.” — Sheena Gurbakash, President of the Association of Women Lawyers and Communications Strategist, Apr 2020

Working with Jolin more than meets the high standards for quality works: not just for writing, but also attention to design principles and overall goals of the communication strategy; Jolin really understands her target audience well, and she manages to deliver her promises in a timely and considerate fashion. I was honoured to be able to collaborate with her for our Special Projects assignments, and I am sure anyone else would also appreciate the professionalism she has to offer any other teams as well! All the best with your endeavours, Jolin! I have faith you will go far wherever you put your heart and soul too! Working with you is truly a pleasure and I hope we get more opportunities to work together again in the future.” — Ng Geok Mei, Senior Art Director, Apr 2020

Adding Value

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  6. Wordpress for CMCL-c392 Media Genres: Television Genres
  7. Wordpress for Second Life

She has a natural gift for editing thanks to her super sharp eye and fantastic flair for words, Jolin can transform pretty much any piece of text into something wonderful.” — Dan Palmer, Creative Director, May 2020

She’s a multi-talented professional with a great eye for details. And a wonderful person with a heart of gold.” — Steve Chua, Creative Lead, Apr 2020

Jolin has the gift of storytelling. She is at her best when she unifies the art of storytelling to a concept. She is skilled in multi-tasking and she sees unique perspective towards something, which is a niche skill set.” — Adelyn Pereira, Art Director, Apr 2020

A seductive whirlwind of wit and verve.” — Tee Shern Ren, Postdoctoral Researcher and Physicist, Mar 2019

You would make a terrifying strategic planner.” — Soon Cheng Sun, Concept Director (acting creative director of In2 Marketing & Consulting), Nov 2013