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Website Revamp (Early Stage)


Asia Pacific Breweries (APB)

website revamp 2020




U/I writing


Oct 2019 to Feb 2020

Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) is the ingenious, visionary brewer of many internationally acclaimed beer and cider brands the world over, as well as the birthplace of Tiger Beer. It is also the main hub of Heineken beer production and distribution in Southeast Asia.

Despite its product renown and its stronghold on local land, APB failed to generate brand recall and association among the average consumers in Singapore, thus its official, corporate website called for a Year 2020 update — one my team could future-proof while highlighting the crucial role sustainability and civic mindedness plays in the core brand identity of APB, on top of its stringent quality control over its overall brewing methodology.

The project was given a timeline of four to five months to deliver ever since my team had won the pitch, and I was in charge of the copywriting for the initial stage of the project.

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