Sephora Malaysia

case study


Sephora Merdeka Campaign


Copywriting and overseeing the post-production of the manifesto video for branding; copywriting for social media and OOH


Aug 2019

Despite its eight-year presence in the local arena, this international beauty giant lacked resonance beyond the retail market. Determined to make its love for the nation widely known, the task was to enhance the rapport between Sephora and everyday Malaysians by exploring the individual identity of beauty that goes beyond skin deep — after all, 'face' for Asians is a cultural extension of their pride and dignity.

Riding the spirit of Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day, we launched the Sephora Merdeka campaign "My Face, MY Pride": with a play on international abbreviation 'MY', we united the pride for the diverse faces which make up this 62-year-young nation.

By revealing great pride for our collective differences, we empower the audience to embrace the diversity of their fellow Malaysians — like how Sephora celebrates the beauty in our uniqueness as it aspires to include one and all in its global community.


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