Case study


Summorie website





Aug-Nov 2018

Summorie was looking high and low for an atypical advertising henchman of a “unicorn writer” to kick-start their awesome brand journey of notebook utility and design, covering everything from brand tagline to product descriptions (and even the 404 page!).

They found that unicorn in me. 🦄

Fun product descriptions with generous doses of irreverent humo[u]r aside, I also took the initiative to deliver a simple yet comprehensive brand voice guide to help ensure the overall message tone and manner stays #onpoint 💯

During my tenure, I had completed about 90 per cent of the copywriting for Summorie, not including the free brand style guide their team did not ask for —

it was thrown into the ideating mix anyway at

the strike of inspiration!

This was also when I learnt how much I actually enjoy strategising creative content for brands.