(RFP) Touch 'n Go eWallet 2020 campaign

📻the radio ad script Jolin proposed🎵

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Touch ’n Go eWallet

2020 campaign pitch


Copy-writing and -editing the entire deck, along with the

brand radio jingle and ad


Mar to Apr 2020

The strategy of this campaign is to cultivate habitual use of the Touch ’n Go eWallet app. Therefore the most effective tactic of disrupting the consumer daily routine to plant seeds (or weeds, rather 😏) within the audience’s subconsciousness by means of earworms and other auditory invasions – the catchier the better.

Leveraging the casual appeal of local Malaysian colloquialism, the radio ad I crafted is entertaining in a very catchy, light-hearted, and fundamentally relatable everyday manner, making the average audience less susceptible to putting up resistance against yet another e-commerce ad in today’s saturated media world that is #alwayson.