Who is Jolin?

Besides someone you should hire already 🙃

It has been long speculated that Jolin is an elf because of the magic her copy and edits exude with her je ne sais quoi


· BA in Communications and Culture,

Indiana University (2010)

· Editor/Copywriter by profession

· Art Creator by vocation

· Easily draws shapes for ideas and

connections to others

· Great with conceptual +

non-linear direction


🤓 10+ years as an audio-visual storytelling consultant for various industries (publishing/marketing/advertising/public relations/education/film and entertainment)

📈· Open to creative collaborations for

remuneration + growth


💯· ongoing freelance editor/writer/director for all sorts of creative nonsense

🎭· interested in writing/directing for the creative/performing arts and entertainment industry

🧐· willing, quick and dedicated learner with a keen eye for aesthetics


⭕· (2018) senior accounts executive of Commas PR

⭕· (2015–2016) sub-editor of CLEO Malaysia

⭕· (Since 2005/age 18–present) web content editor, copywriter, child mentor/educator, restaurant manager, salesperson, administrative clerk


💻· 20 years (and counting) of crafting and polishing English compositions and conversations for the fields of publishing, marketing, advertising, public relations, etc

📖· Published semi-fictions: “Letter to My Forbidden Lover” in The Best Asian Short Stories 2019; “Donning the Black Wool” in The Tudung Anthology (2017)

🥇· Quora Top Writer 2018

📰· 2006-2007: Co-Head of Content for the official student newsletter of Taylor’s College American Degree Transfer Program (ADP)


✍️· Writing (creative/scholastic/social media/business writing/magazine writing/speech writing/slideshow presentation/annual reports/EDM/ATL/BTL/literary-fiction/non-fiction/you name it she probably has done it :-)

📝· Editing and writing copy

💡 · Lateral/Non-linear ideation

🧐· Eye for detail

🎭· Improvisational dramatic performances

🌻· Being a morning person


  • creative & dramatic arts
  • (theatre/film/photography/design);
  • dance (swing/jazz/blues/balboa/tango);
  • travel;
  • yoga